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Experience Happiness.
Explore Freedom. 


Your body is a temple. It deserves the best. Start your journey into Yoga today.


Wellness is a choice. Take care of yourself by making the right choices now.


When we know better, we do better. Soak yourself with the right knowledge.


Meet  like minded individuals to connect. After all, we all want to belong somewhere.


Dynamic movement brings us closer to stillness. Ignite your passion.


You are what you eat. Enjoy healthy vegetarian food at our monthly café.

We want more Yogis



But who are we? 

We are the Yogis who want to contribute to the world. We want to work hard and let the positive force be present everywhere. Arti Abhelakh is the founder of this awesome Happiness Centre.


She was encouraged by Swami Paramtej, senior Art of Living Teacher to build this centre and is inspired by one of the most influential spiritual leaders, SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR. 

This was the spark for her to become a yoga teacher and now you are scrolling on the website of the centre she once had in mind. And now we want you to become a Yogi.

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