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Yoga Peetha 

Yoga means connection. Everything is already connected, but do we realize that? The endless techniques of Yoga can bring our mind at ease to realize this wonderful connection we have all around us.


And of course the place where we can realize this should be a beautiful place as well. Peetha is a place where we can help you realize this eternal connection of everything. 

Happiness Centre

Our centre is focused on happiness, growth and realization. If there is a mall for food and clothes, there must certainly be a place for you to feel at ease, to explore freedom and experience happiness. 

A Happy World,

A Happy Family.

A happy world starts with you. Our holistic approach for this space will allow anyone with any background to find guidance for a happier and joyful life. Health & Wellness is made easier, just like shopping.


A happy world comes from a happy mind. A happy mind is a choice for you to make. Let’s take a vow to make the world a better place than it was yesterday. This is the least we can do for our future generations to come.


Arti Abhelakh has traveled the world and accumulated many experiences throughout her life. She wants to show the world in her own creative ways of how well we are connected with each other.


Swami Paramtej & Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has been a major inspiration for her to build a nice centre where everyone can enjoy all these wonderful activities regarding human growth.

A healthy & happy community understands that we need to take care of the mind, just like we care for the body. This understanding is what keeps the team at Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre inspired. 

Arti Abelakh

  • Lotus, our main yoga and meditation hall can host up to 60 participants on a yoga mat and 250 on chairs.

  • Surya is the all air conditioned hall for different courses and inspiring talks. We even have chairs available for 300 guests on chairs and 80 people on a yoga mat.

  • The heavenly space, Akash, allows us to hear the sounds of upliftment echoing back to us. This space is wonderful for meditation and satsang for around 80 yogis. 

  • Tara is the outdoor setup to admire the moon, to feel the gentle breeze and to have playful sessions as well.

  • In our Buddha Garden we can sit and relax with a cup of chai, exchange some knowledge with our yoga peers and feel at home. 

  • Anna, our kitchen, can serve food for more than 50 participants.

  • This centre facilitates a bathroom and 4 restrooms.

  • We also have proper WiFi connection and a beamer to assist you with presentations.

For more information on rent fee, available dates and more, please contact us.

Covid- 19 Exception:

Keep in mind, due to the Covid-19 restrictions we can allow less guests than usual. Take a look at our protocols before visiting us. 


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