Sri Sri Yoga Regular

Asanas, breath and action! Be dynamic and peaceful at the same time by incorporating Yoga in your life. A flexible body with a flexible mind is the new way to be cool. Sign up now for regular lessons.

Yoga for Teens

Teenagers experience lots of change in their body. Yoga is an effective way to let this part of life not be a botheration but a blessing instead. Don’t feel powerless, because you can choose to be at your best.

Sri Sri Yoga Level 1

Asanas, breath and action! Be dynamic and peaceful. A flexible body gives us a flexible mind. In this 5 day course you can realize that Yoga is more than just some physical exercises.

Yogic Fitness

The knowledge of Yoga combined with the passion for fitness brings us closer to a healthy body & a strong mind. Even though intense in its approach, you can still stretch your boundaries with absolute ease.

Sunday Challenge

Forget lazy Sunday mornings. It’s time to take up a challenge for the better. Be in shape and let this choice be made by you. If you want the best out of your life, don’t follow the rest, let the rest follow you.

Naad Yoga

The power of your voice can change the vibrations in your body and mind. The yoga of sound is easy and powerful at the same time. Discover the power of specific chants, hymns and mantras.


Kathak is an indian classical dance form tracing its roots back to ancient temples of India. Tanuja brought this dance to our cultural landscape and made it relevant for anyone to experience this magic of rhythm.

Asian Contemporary Dance

Express yourself and enjoy a diverse range of storytelling dance forms. We bring several elements of the Surinamese culture together. Dwight connects you to a different world through contemporary art.

Dance Meditation

Experience stillness through movement. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of music and let your body feel free. Enjoy the movement but experience the depth of stillness within. Liberation is a dance away.