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A Simple Three

Within the ancient branches of science, Yoga is one of the most popular these days. Although Yoga has taken up many forms, those who have studied Yoga under the direct lineage of a true master know the value of its knowledge and application.

As all branches were shared orally, the masters within the tradition of Yoga presented and preserved the most profound sciences in the most simple ways. One such simple knowledge is the science of “Gunas”. Not having a direct translation in English, the term ‘Guna’ can refer to quality or mode.

Ancient Yogis realized in their deep meditations that this whole universe including our direct surrounding and our body + mind is made up of three Gunas or qualities. These three are called:


  2. RAJAS

  3. TAMAS

For now we will take a look at how our body/mind behaves under the influence of these three modes.

Remember those times when you are really tired and you feel like sleeping? All of a sudden you feel like going towards the ground? Yes...that is exactly what Tamas does do our body. We feel ‘low’, we don’t want to think about anything. This feeling brings us to sleep or look for rest in any way possible.

An example of excessive Rajas is when we are totally restless and feel like we need to shake our hands or legs, bite our nails or just constantly walk back and forth in small spaces. We are busy with so many thoughts that we get stressed by only thinking.

Sattva is clearly felt when we are uplifted. We feel light as if we can fly away anytime. Imagine having reached your goal of walking 10 KM and then having a shower while singing your favorite song. You are happy and feel like you can do anything with this sense of balance and freedom in mind. You feel focused, energized and strong willed all at the same time.

With many asanas & breathing techniques we can bring balance in all three gunas at any time. This is totally in our hands and it’s our choice to decide the quality of our life through consistent practice of Yoga.

Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre offers you many programs including the regular Yoga lessons where you can take a deep dive into the knowledge and application of Yoga.

Would you like feel more Sattva in your life? Would you like to avoid too much Rajas? Would like to have just the right amount of Tamas so you can sleep well?

If your answer is yes, then Yoga is definitely for you.

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