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The Guru & The Guru Principle

We all have heard the word Guru by name. It has become such a popular term that many people have their own idea about the word and use the word to refer to a person.

Actually, Guru is an element/ principle (tattva) of nature. The word ‘Guru’ means remover of darkness, that which shines light in our life in times when we do not know where we are headed. The Guru Tattva is an untouched pure element, which is not limited to a body or a form. This element is present in each one of us. It’s the universal spirit which is like a pool in which we all swim.

We forget this phenomenon of being part of this universal spirit. Luckily, there are people who are only reflecting this pure universal spirit and reminding us of this universal spirit. A person like this, is referred to as a Guru. Gurus are not limited to a personality. They do not maintain a fixed personality, instead, they reflect the pure universal spirit. They are pure in a sense that they don’t entertain worldly desires so they can be of service to mankind.

They become like a mirror for us to see our true nature. To make sure that we realize our limitations but also our unlimited possibilities. There are no limitations for a Guru, they tend to work in many different ways. That is their devotion towards mankind.

Of course we have many people using this term to showcase that someone has some mastery regarding a specific topic, but having mastery over life and shining light, being available for others without any expectations in return, these are the qualities of a Guru for life.

A Guru most of the time lays down a specific path to walk on which enables the seeker to grow within these structures. For example doing some spiritual practices within a certain community, doing seva (selfless service) and being soaked in knowledge with like minded others.

We’ve had many masters who offered their life for the wellbeing of others and there will always be many others to guide humanity. Think about Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and many others.

When it comes to the Guru Tattva, it means that the Guru element can flow through anything or anyone. Even a tree, a rock or a child can become your Guru if you can recognize the Guru Tattva. This is an omnipresent energy that teaches us the essence of life. So it is bound to be everywhere.

If you are not sensitive to feel the Guru Tattva, then it’s time to meditate and work your ways towards your inner self. This is the only way to realize your connection and let life unfold for you in much deeper ways than before.

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Awinash Haniff
Awinash Haniff
Nov 16, 2020

Nice blog!

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