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Satsang - United in Truth

Satsang is seen as one of the easiest experiences someone can have on the path of Yoga. Before I dive a bit deeper into the concept of Satsang, I would like you to experiment with singing. Start today. Start by singing while cooking, cleaning or doing some random chores in your home. It requires minimum effort, but the results might be astonishing. If you are already doing what I am requesting, then I would say it is time for you to join our Satsangs.

One of the ways of experiencing Satsang within the tradition of Yoga happens through singing, music, knowledge, contemplation and meditation. We sing, we celebrate life, we express our gratitude, we contemplate on the meaning of life and meditate to recharge on the deepest level possible. It is a pure involvement away from our daily routine. For example, kicking a ball requires you to be totally alert, which means you can be without distraction of thought. In the same way the chatter of the mind can be stopped if you fully participate by singing or making music in a satsang.

What does it mean to be united in truth?

If you think of TRUTH. What is the first thing that comes up in your mind?

First let us understand that truth in this context is not meant to be something we can SAY, rather, it has to be EXPERIENCED. Ancient seers defined the truth as simply that which does not change and remains untouched. It is natural for the mind to seek for some words of what the truth really is, however that being impossible, there have been made several attempts to express what the truth IS NOT. One such example is the Nirvana Shatakam by Adi Shankara.

Uniting yourself with others on a level where the heart speaks, the mind listens and the stress of our daily routine are put aside, means to rejoice in joyful states of our being. This concept is called ‘Satsang’ within the ancient sciences. Ancient seers or scientists recognized that if we sing, we hardly get any thoughts. It is difficult to sing your heart out and then think about what you will eat tomorrow for example. Try this simple experiment: ‘Think about your daily activities or start planning them and then start singing all of a sudden.’ In this way it is very difficult to maintain those thoughts which usually run the show of your mind.

To be in the company of truth is what we ultimately seek. At Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre we have had more than 10 Satsangs since our inauguration. Do not hesitate, just be a part of this larger community of sharing love and light with each other.

“Knowledge purifies the intellect. Music purifies the emotions. Charity purifies the money that you earn. Prayer purifies the heart. Meditation purifies the soul.”

- Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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