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The Active Five

In our lives we experience many things, make many choices and take actions almost every moment. But, have you ever actually thought about how you decide to take action? It all starts with observations through the sensory organs. This input is processed and stored in the mind, after which the intellect analyzes it. Based on our previous experiences stored in the mind, the intellect comes up with a list of possible actions to take. Than ‘you’ decide which action to take and you act. This action can be any physical activity like running, talking, grabbing something, having sex or even sitting on the toilet. Any activity can be a combination of these simple actions.

In the previous blog, we went into the five sensory organs which help us perceive and observe the outside world. We’ve also seen that they are the input of our minds. After deciding to act within our minds, our mind sends signals to different parts of our body to make them move.

Ancient scientists have mentioned five organs that enable us to interact with the physical world around us. These are the mouth, hands, legs, genitals and anus. Each of these organs has their own main purpose. The mouth, including tongue and vocal chords, is used to express yourself and talk. The hands are used to receive, manipulate and grab things. Legs are used for walking and locomotion in general (moving from one place to another). The genitals are used for procreation and urination. The anus is used for excretion (getting rid of waste out of the body). Now, you might wonder; “why is this knowledge relevant? I know this already!” These blogs are meant to bring this creation we are living in, into perspective. We tend to take things around us for granted. It is quite amazing how this body is capable to perceive the physical world around it and also able to manipulate it as well.

Just imagine if you were not able to see, hear, touch, smell or taste the things around you. Or you were not able to move the body. How fortunate are we to be in possession of such a body, which is capable of all these amazing things. Of course every body has its limitations, just like every vehicle has its limitations for the driver. Becoming aware that you are the driver of this vehicle and getting to the edge of the limitations of this vehicle is the very purpose of yoga. In the upcoming blogs we will dive deeper into different aspects of yoga and into the different aspects of this creation as well. So keep following our website and/or facebook page to keep informed about our monthly blogs. Also, if you want to experience yoga, be sure to check out our activities at Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre.

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