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The GREAT Five

Within the systems of Yoga as well as Ayurveda, the knowledge of the five elements are given a lot of importance. It is said that this whole universe is made of these five elements.

For now we shall only focus on the 5 elements in their gross forms and along the way our understanding shall increase. Before we dive deeper into this, we should understand that the ancient scientists knew that knowledge should be approached in a simple manner first. Once we have grip on the simple knowledge, the more complex aspects of life shall dawn on us in our daily practice of meditation.

The first and most gross element is known as the EARTH (Prithvi) element. All planets, comets or meteorites fall into this category. It's all about the heavy, gross, hard, solid, inert and earth like matter which we are talking about.

The second and less gross element is known as the WATER (Jal) element. All types of liquids fall into this category. It's not necessarily about the water we only know from the oceans. It is about the fluidity, cool and soft qualities of the element. For example, oil belongs to this element too.

The third element becomes more free in its expression and is known as the FIRE (Agni) element. Heat, sharp, dry and light are common qualities of this element. Electricity, lava and the sun can be considered as FIRE.

The fourth element is right at the tip of our nose. The AIR (Vāyu) element is to be felt instantly when we breathe or go out of our homes. The Sanskrit word ‘Vāyu’ is derived from the root ‘to move’. This element is considered as mobile, dry, light, cold and subtle in nature. But even other types of gas like helium belong to this particular element.

The fifth and most important element is the SPACE (Ākash) element. It's the most important because all the other four play into this vast ocean of space. The qualities of space are clear, light, subtle and immeasurable/limitless.

As mentioned earlier, Yoga and Ayurveda are very complementary in the sense that their way of working provides the most fit solutions for every type of individual. Whether issues with our health, relationships, mental wellness or work and anything that has to do with either emotion, thought, body and our desires, Ayurveda and Yoga are the best combinations to try. Of course it is important to consult a doctor whenever necessary, but with this knowledge based on the 5 Elements and 3 Gunas, it is safe to say that a lot of answers may be provided through this ancient science.

At the Yoga Peetha Happiness Centre we want to educate, inform and update everyone regarding this ancient wisdom and it is our effort to make sure several experts are ready to share their knowledge with us. Never hesitate to send us a message or drop by to experience the beauty and zen like space that is available for everyone.

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